You can see the Divine in service to Humanity.

For His numerous devotees spread all over India and abia and abroad, and the public at large, Shri Kamakshi Baba has enunciated the following principles:

  1. Keep your mind clean and free from any anxiety and open to any type of criticism from others.

  2. Construct a temple in your heart through Prayers. The materials required or this Temple will consist of Humbleness, Humility, Compassion, Forgiveness, deep Faith in god, Honesty, Integrity and Meditation without attachment to any Religion - Be Religious but not a Religion-fanatic.

  3. You should feel Happy looking at othering at others' Happiness. But if you feel happy looking at others' sufferings it is Evil. Never entertain this in your mind, for it will ultimately lead you to Evil Acts.

  4. Extend Love and affection without any Expectation from others.

  5. Never permit Jealousy to encroach into your relationship with others for it defeats the very purpose for which the relationship is intended. Jealousy is just like a shadow of your character. It always represents negative attitudes. Remember at least the shadow has dimensions. But Jealousy does not have any dimension. Remember, it destroys your happiness and peace and then the happiness of others.

  6. Never entertain Anger. It destroys your peace of mind, creates insanity, annihilates the fine fibre of your character and oscillates your line of justice.

  7. Never give way to persuasion. Because under the pressure of persuasion, even the worst sins can be justified.

  8. Always temper your Authority with Love, Affection and Mercy. In the absence of these, any Authority is a tyranny.